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Repair Wrap Sleeves - Applications: Wires, Cables, Rope, Conduit

Super Seal Heat Shrink Wrap Around Sleeves are a crosslinked polyolefin "open tube" which is folded around a cable or pipe conduit and then is zipped closed with a stainless steel channel that can be heat shrunk for a moisture proof seal or can be wrapped without heating for a friction fit cable repair. Power shut down is not required with a wrap sleeve repair application. Hot melt provides a complete environmental seal and insulation up to 1.1KV. Each sleeve is manufactured with high resistance to UV rays, chemicals, corrosion and fungus. All Super Seal wrap sleeves meet IP 68 (Ingress Protection) requirements.


Wrap Around Sleeve Selection Chart

Super Seal Part # Inside Diameter "A" Wall Thickness "B" Cable Range
Supplied Recovered Recovered (+/- 20%) Size Diameter
(mm) (inches) (mm) (inches) (mm) (inches) AWG KCML (mm) (inches)
GWS 55/8 55 2.17 8 0.31 2.7 0.11 300-500 15-50 0.59-1.96
GWS 76/18 76 2.99 18 0.71 2.7 0.11 600-1250 20-70 0.78-2.75
GWS 105/28 105 4.13 28 1.1 2.7 0.11 800-1250 30-100 1.18-3.93
GWS 140/35 140 5.51 35 1.38 2.7 0.11 1500-2500 40-135 1.57-5.31
GWS 190/46 190 7.48 46 1.81 2.7 0.11   50-185 1.96-7.28
GWS 200/50 240 9.45 50 1.97 2.7 0.11   55-195 2.16-7.67

Dimensional Data
Flat View - Front View - Side View

Technical Specifications

Tensile Strength 17 MPa (2465 psi)   ASTM D638
Ultimate Elongation (Min) 350%   ASTM D638
Water Absorption (Max) 0.20%   ASTM D570
ESCR 48 hrs. for 50°C/122°F No Crack   ASTM D570
Torchability No Split   TE 201 AOL
Accelerated Aging (500 Hours) 120˚C (248˚F)   ASTM D2671
Tensile Strength (Min) 15 MPa (2175 psi)   ASTM D638
Ultimate Elongation (Min) 220%   ASTM D638
Heat Shock 250˚C (482˚F) for 30 Min. No Cracking or Flowing   ESI 09-11
Shrink Temperature 125°C (257°F)   IEC 216
Continuous Temperature Limit -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to +212°F)   IEC 216
Dielectric Strength (Min) 12 KV/mm. (304.8 KV/in)   ASTM D149
Chemical Resistance in 0.1 N sol. of Na2, So4, Na2, Nacl2, H2so4 No Cracking   ASTM D2671
Tensile Strength Test 15 MPa(2175 psi)   ASTM D638
Elongation Test 200%   ASTM D638
Application Method

The wire/cable shall be thoroughly cleaned prior to placing properly sized wrap sleeve over cable. Evenly apply heat from heat gun or propane torch. Begin to shrink one end of the wrap sleeve first and continue to apply heat to the sleeve first and continue to apply heat to the sleeve by moving towards the opposite open end. Apply heat until the entire sleeve is firmly fitted to the cable. Sealant will flow from the open ends. Allow sleeve to cool.




Prepare cable and select the appropriate size sleeve




Place wrap sleeve over cable end and apply heat



Sealed Cable

Wrap sleeve shrinks creating a durable and protective seal

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